Our products

Fresh and cured meats

We offer a wide range of top-quality products, ranging from local game and Wagyu beef to charcuterie. Wherever possible, we source our meats locally. We have 100% traceability on all our meat, and our game supplier deals only with fully licensed, reputable stalkers. 

In addition, we have our own butchery department on site, enabling us to prepare all meat to your specific requirements.  

We are constantly updating our product lists. Please keep checking back for more details.

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With weekly deliveries from Rungis Market in Paris, we have a constant supply of wild and cultivated mushrooms and can also source fresh black and white truffles, if requested. The availability of particular types of wild mushrooms and truffles are subject to the seasons.

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Fresh Produce

New Wave Fine Food had purpose built fresh produce chillers installed allowing us to be able to source and stock a wider range of what our beautiful countryside has to offer. We however do go further afield to bring you top quality ingredients from around the globe; adding seasonality and unusualness to your menus. If we don’t stock something this doesn’t mean we can’t source it. Please just ask.

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Cheese and dairy

We stock a wide range of local, British and European cheeses, and with our contacts we can normally source any cheese to suit your requirements, if given sufficient notice. Our fine biscuits and wafers (see Dry Goods) are specially selected to complement the cheeses.

In addition, we offer an impressive array of different types of cream and butter. Due to the short shelf life of these products, we are not always able to keep them in stock. However, we can deliver within two days of you placing your order.

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Westlands Micro Leaf

Very young, small leaves harvested at seed leaf or first true leaf stage.

They are packed with flavour and will add an extra dimension to salads or that magical touch to complete a dish.  Used and eaten whole, Westlands range of Micro Leaf is cut for you so there is almost no preparation and very little waste.

Used by some of the top Michelin starred chefs in the UK, Micro Leaf is also an innovative ingredient used for premium sandwich manufacturers, prepared salads and food service sectors.

Westlands Micro Leaf range is grown year round right here in the UK.

Each week we will publish the Westlands Microleaf availbility here for you to look at. 

Ordering and Delivery: Order day 1 for delivery day 2 (we do not hold Mirco Leaf stock)

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Dry store

We stock just about everything you'll ever need in your storecupboard – and much more. Check out our product list, and you'll see what we mean.

You'll find a vast selection of speciality oils and vinegars, as well as premium condiments including numerous types of salt and pepper, herbs, spices, mustards and chutneys. And we have some great cooking wines, fortified wines, too.

Our dry goods section includes nuts, seeds, pulses, pasta, rice and other grains, specialist flours for bread-baking, plus a host of other miscellaneous items.

For your convenience, we are also pleased to offer a range of the very best ready-made stocks and sauces.

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Chocolate, pastry and baking

We now stock a wide range of chocolate products and patisserie items, including frozen fruit purées, locally milled flour, sugars and pastry cases.

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Oriental ingredients

Oriental Ingredients have become increasingly popular over the past decade, and we've responded to popular demand by introducing a wide selection of products from China and Japan. Our range includes sauces, noodles and rice, panko breadcrumbs, coconut milk, stem and pickled ginger, and a great deal more. In addition, we stock non-edible specialist items such as bamboo skewers and rolling mats.

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Kitchen sundries

To complement our comprehensive range of foods, we stock a selection of non-edible catering supplies, such as detergents, cleaning fluids and cloths, cling film, and other essentials for the professional kitchen.

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